Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back from a fabulous 3 day crop and lo and behold....we survived!

63 wonderful talented ladies filled the room, some from as far away as Wisconsin! Nothing speaks louder to me then these ladies coming from a far because they have heard the raves regarding our crops!! To date we have had the honor of New ZealandWisconsin, Georgia, & North Carolina x3 represented at our crops. That's an amazing testament in itself...

There will be no videos from the crop this time because unfortunately our DJ was slightly ill after dinner Saturday night and needed to have a personal relationship with his throne so we sent him to bed. We still had a ton of fun as my buddy Kelly stepped right up and took over the role of our DJ & let me tell you....she was quite entertaining & I believe now has a new found compassion for our DJ. I believe her words were...it ain't as easy as it looks!! LOL 

All of the pictures are posted on Facebook.

Registration is now open for "Spring Fling" April 19th, 20th & 21st at the Magnuson Hotel and of course I have already started receiving registrations....  I will add information about this crop next week.
You can print the form here

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