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I have been to "several" crops different people/stores put on, and Cheeky Chics is the BEST by far. It's a great value, great locations, and just plain fun!!! 
Gayle Gibbons 

Well, you know how I feel about Cheeky Chics crops...they are more fun than humans should be allowed to have. Every one of my friends who has attended has re-upped. That should tell you something! 

Jules Eickmeier

I attended the Harvest Crop last fall.  I was a virgin and I loved it.  I will see you next weekend. Thanks, Diane Johnson

I have done a lot of crops over the past 20 years, some in stores and some overnight.  The Cheeky Chics crops are a great combination of cropping, fun, food, entertainment, relaxation, and great fellowship with great girls.  I highly recommend these crops!!  From the drawings, to the Karaoke, to the dance contests, you will have fun and preserve a ton of memories!! 

Blessings, Trina Aker

I have only attended one of the Cheeky Chics weekends but it was one of the best I've attended!  Undoubtedly, the women who attended were the nicest, friendliest, funniest attendees I've been around.  Our ‘head couple’ couldn't have been more gracious, welcoming and attentive.  I will for sure attend all of these events as I can!  

Joan Plaster

Cheeky Chics Scrapbooking crops are the best!  It is nice to pack up your crop supplies and head off for a weekend away from your everyday normal routine.  I come home refreshed and excited that I have completed projects.  The best part of the crops is the fun, laughter, prizes and GREAT ladies you share the weekend with.  Of course that includes Denita, JD and all of their helpers.  Again, let me say - Cheeky Chics Crops are the absolute best! 

Jacque Lynch

My first crop with cheeky chics was at chateau √©lan in Sebring.  My Mom was in the hospital at the time and it had been a very long couple of months. It was exactly what I needed.  The many new friends I made and the smiles and laughs were the best possible medicine. And the added memory of being able to "drive the track" was a lasting memory and a special treat.  I was able to tell  my Mom all about it when I got back and she loved the pictures.  Mom passed away a short time later.  Shortly after her passing, I attended my second crop in st. Pete.  Again it was exactly what I needed.  The hugs and smiles and kind words from old friends and new helped me through a rough time in my life.  Thank you Denita, JD, and all of the wonderful people whose hugs and smiles are the very best medicine for all of us and for making me feel welcome as soon as I walk in the door!  Cheeky chics crops are the best for so very many reasons but especially for the fun and friendship.. 

Florence Stephens

Winner or not you are automatically a winner if attend one of these fantabulous getaway crops!  Where else can you chillax and spend time with the girls having a blast. 

Linda Ware

Where do I start?  I came into this group with a goal of completing my scrapbooks for my daughter.  Throughout time, I have completed my daughters books and also making friends.  Friends that I do not see every day but friends that I may see a few months or maybe years.  No matter when I see them, we all just pick up and say, "HI!"  Denita and JD are two people that will always welcome you with welcome hearts and make you feel like you just saw them yesterday.  It is a group that welcomes all and accepts anything and everything. Melissa Burden

 A friend and I attended a cheeky chics scrapbooking event last fall at the Kenilworth Hotel in Sebring. 
Plenty of space to work, lots of yummy snacks including a ton of fudge prepared by one of the attendees, friendly people, lots of door prizes,...a great weekend.  I plan to attend two more events in Sebring this year in addition to Feb. event in St. Pete.
Louise Tompkins
Lake Placid, FL 

I wanted to say thank you for putting on a great crop. Cheryl and I enjoyed ourselves and met lots of wonderful ladies. Cant wait to come to another. The only bad thing I can say is we hated it to end. Lol. Thanks again                                                                        Hugs Debbie Brancaccio

I didn't really know what to expect from my first Cheeky Chics Crop, but I can tell you that my experience this past weekend at the Scrapaholics Anonymous Crop in St. Pete blew any expectations I might have had out of the water. I have never had so much fun and been so productive at the same time. I reconnected with old friends, made new friends and completed all my weekend crop goals and more, while still taking time to breath in the fresh air, sit down for a leisurely meal (or two, or three...), and get a little rest and relaxation away from home. It sounds too good to be true, that you could fit all of that into an ordinary weekend, but let me tell you Cheeky Chics Scrapbooking makes a crop weekend anything but ordinary. From initial seating until the last paper is packed back into your car, there's not a whole lot you need to worry about other than being creative and having fun. Thanks for the memories, Cheeky Chics - I look forward to attending many more crops to come!
Tania Ruiz                                                                     Lakeland, Florida

Thank for a great scrapbooking weekend. The Hotel and everything about the weekend was wonderful. Great ladies to crop with, fun prizes, and lots of good food and snacks!! The view was marvelous!
Peggy Vessy

What an awesome weekend it was last week! I am STILL inspired! Bought 3 new carts this week (guess that is shopping inspired LOL!) However... making cards and finishing pages. Nothing like a FANTASTIC crop! Thanks so much Denita. I loved meeting new people and can't wait to see everyone again.
Debbie Little

Thank you Denita for a wonderful weekend of scrapping!!! I had not been to a scrapping weekend in over 2 years and your weekend inspired me to start scrapping more again!!! It was great meeting new people, learning new techniques and finishing a project!!! Your weekend reminded me of how much I love to scrap and want to get my a** in gear and get busy scrapping! Again, thank you for a wonderful weekend!!!!
Colleen Passardi

The Cheeky Chics Scrapbook Weekend Crop was by far one of the best, if not the best crop I have ever attended.  The most important is space...we scrappers need our space, table space (for the essentials that we NEED to have near by), space for our stuff (that’s not on the table), walking space (so we can go admire what everyone is doing). There was plenty of space, I never felt cramped or squeezed. Oh and along that line outlets....there was plenty of outlets. I did bring my own power strip but everyone along our strip of tables had plenty of plugs and there were outlets for all of them.  There were make and takes and other classes/activities offered but they weren't mandated. I was able to get more done at this crop than I have at probably all the crops I've attended put together. The snacks offered where yummy and plentiful. I think food wise everyone’s needs were met...from the heath conscious to the “junk” scrapper (like me). There were fun games, that again you could participate in if you wanted to, but even by participating in them it doesn't take away from your projects. In fact they encouraged you to finish your projects.  The offer of 24 hours of scrapping appealed to me, but not to my body. I LOVE LOVE that Denita has the store where you can buy things you forgot, or in my case ran out of, and neat items that I “needed” to have. Having the paper there was a Godsend for me, I make page kits to work on, because a few of the pages took a different turn for me as I was working on them so I was able to get the paper I needed and continue on instead of losing my mojo. Denita and JD were awesome...making my BFF and I feel like we were old friends. They both took the time to speak with us and make us feel welcome. We both left feeling “taken care of'” and inspired.  I’m not a music person but the variety of music that they played was great and it was played at the right level that it didn't take away from thinking or talking. The Cheeky Chics Crops will be the ones I attend from now.
Bethany Robertson

Cheeky Chics scraps are THE BEST!!!! I have only been to one, but by the end of the weekend, I felt I was with people that I had known for years. Next one: AUGUST!!! 
Christine Donovan 

Cheeky Chics crops are the best because you can do what you want when you want and have a great time. Which I'm proof sometimes I do something sometimes I don't.
Sandy Pennington

First of all, I have been contemplating everything positive that I want to say about my first Cheeky Chics crop.  As they are FAR TOO many to mention, I will do a quick highlight ;)
1) I flew down from Wisconsin with NOTHING.  I haven't scrapped for about 18 months after being smacked on the "popular" smack blog, and didn't know if I was even ready.
    Everyone was SOOOO giving!  Borrow this!  have this!  try this.....it was amazing.  I felt even more at home than when I am....at home ;)
2) People came up and introduce themselves to ME.  I can chat with anyone, but I am kind of like a turtle...I need someone else to approach me.  Everyone at this crop was SO AMAZINGLY friendly that it kind of took my breath away.
3) There was no set menu.  I loved that we came and went as we pleased.  SO MUCH. 
4) The store had all the best things.  (well, other than the charcoal cats eye that I left at Jules house. but that wasn't anyone's fault but mine.  It figures that the only thing I actually packed, I forgot)
5) I came away with new friends, a renewed love of a hobby that I missed, without realizing HOW much I missed it.
It was the perfect weekend.  Well, other than me breaking the door in the hotel room....;)
Pam Bennett

I love the friendly atmosphere and the feeling of kindred friendship. The feeling of long-time friends with strangers you've never seen before. The scrapbook help & ideas that everyone is willing to give & share. AND who can ever forget the "Fudge Lady"!. lol
Cheri Pardue

I had the best time at your crop. As soon as I walked in the door I felt at home and then I was given encouragement to act silly, which by the way I only did because you made me feel WELCOMED. love you and your crops!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED your crop I had the best time and there is a video to prove it LOL
Kit's N Bit's

I drove 8 hours from Atlanta to go to your crop at the request of my BFF Christine Donovan--and I have to say it was AWESOME! We had such a good time, met the coolest ladies and got a lot done too! I can't wait to do it again. Your crops a really, really worth every dime. And those massages rocked too!
Kathy Mizera

I have only gone to a couple of crops, but I was welcomed with open arms. People we friendly, and talked like I had been there for years ( no clicks).. Denita keeps everything looking good all weekend and takes pride in her crops.I love the fun activities and and the scrapbook yard sale table..I have told several people about this group.. I have already signed up for upcoming weekend  crops and can't wait !!!! 
Kelly West

I met Denita at the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando last year and she gave me a Cheeky Chics business card.  Well as you may know we get a lot of business cards and flyers at Scrapbook Expo and remembering later what goes with what can be a challenge. A couple of months after the expo I finally got around to going thru the cards and I noticed I had marked a star on the back of the Cheeky Chics card. Just a star nothing else. I don't know why I marked the star but I imagine it was simply a good feeling I had after meeting Denita.
Fast forward this spring I am finally going to my first crop at the Spring Fling in St Petersburg.  I am so looking forward to this, from the blog it looks like everyone just has so much fun as they work on their pages.  
Tracy Johnson
Tampa Florida

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