Monday, August 20, 2012

 How do you go about Self Nurturing? 

On an airplane we get the instructions, “in case of a drop in cabin pressure, first put your oxygen mask on and then help those around you with theirs”.  Self care is vital. We all know to do this in an emergency situation, yet often forget to apply this in our everyday lives. Perhaps it’s because instead of decrease in cabin pressure, in our everyday lives we have slow and steady INCREASE in daily pressures!                                      

Basic self-care includes good nutrition, exercise, and sleep. These maintain our ability to function.  Self-nurturing is over and above the basics. Self Nurturing is what refills our reserves. Self nurturing is what re-stores our joy and peace. It often involves a way in which we connect because connection stimulates Oxytocin release which is the feel good hormone.

There are studies to support that women literally restore hormonal balances offset by stress by spending time together, talking, sharing, and connecting. (Television producers knew we got this vicariously watching Sex in the City, or Golden Girls).  This feel good hormone often gets depleted in our daily lives.

One way we can self nurture is to create situations where know that we will have connections, share our laughter and our creativity, and re-store our inner balance. So, the time to nurture yourself is now!!!

Why not join us September 14th, 15th & 16th in Sebring at the Historic Kenilworth Lodge and restore your soul and inner peace……
*Crop fee $85.00 for entire weekend. This does NOT include meals or accommodations. (Unlimted refreshments and snacks, including fresh fruits are provided throughout the entire event)

**Special group room rates $65.69 call and be sure to mention that you are with our group 1-800-423-5939

In order to ensure plenty of space for each of you **seating will be limited so be sure to reserve your spot ASAP!

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