Friday, August 26, 2011

3 weeks out but who's counting?? LOL

Ladies, those of you that are registered will be receiving the usual updated reminder email in the next week or so with directions, facility info and so on. 

~Nancy Williams with Pressing Matters Imprinting has offered to come for the day on Saturday to imprint your albums. She does have a minimum requirement in order to make the trip so I do *need* to know in advance if you are interested or not.  

 ~"Blossom" ... if you are on Facebook then you already know the sad, sad news. Our famous bus "Blossom" was towed to her final resting place August 19th as she had some extensive unexpected costly repairs and we had to make the decision to let her go 
: {

This is very sad news for us but on a *good* note we have rose above it and have replaced her with a conversion van and 7x12ft enclosed trailer to haul the Cheeky Chics store and all the other supplies in.  We will be painting her the famous "Blossom" green and begin again.

I stated on Facebook that I would be taking suggestions for names but had *NO* intention of running a contest again like we did for "Blossom"... well thanks to you our fans, looks like it's on!! Because of your enthusiasm I have decided to run the contest and will have a ballot at "Harvest Crop" for you to cast your vote. Have *no* fear ... if you are not coming to the crop in Sept, you can email me your vote and we will drop it into the voting box for you.  If you have a suggestion for a name please email that to me as well.....

Here are the entries I have so far.....
"Mini Me"
"Mini Bloom"
"Little Bud"
"Love Shack"
"Crop Cruiser"
"The Cheek Mobile"
"Blossom II"
Stay tuned......

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