Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Much *Fun* May NOT Be Legal......

Well Ladies, I'm into day four and can honestly say that I am just starting to feel human again! 

Oh my we had fun at "Spring Fling" didn't we?

As promised here are the videos and pictures that were taken during our weekend.
I will be posting all of the details for "Summer Lovin' Crop In July here on the blog next week for those whom were unable to attend this past weekend and did not receive the flier....


**Peeps** dancing to "Baby Got Back" & "Cupid Shuffle"

**Penny**  belly dancing to "When Doves Cry"

**Peeps** singing "I've Got You Babe"

**Lynn** dancing to "Tik Tok" 

**Bo Bug, Penny & Lynn** singing "Ice Ice Baby" 

**Bo Bug, Penny, Lynn** singing "YMCA"

**Gayle & Peeps** singing "Friends In Low Places"

**Bo Bug & Penny** singing "Irresistible"

**Nikki & Linda** singing "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy"

**Gayle & Peeps** singing "Hokey Po-key"

**Bo Bug** singing "Name Game"


Here is the link to the web album which contains all the pictures. Please send all the pictures you ladies have taken so that I can add them!

Had I known ahead of time that our t-shirts would have been such a *huge* hit, I would have had them on hand at the crop for resale. Not only did we receive a bunch of shirt orders during the crop but have received multiple orders via email since.  So if you are interested in ordering your Cheeky Chics shirt, please email me.

Thank you ladies once again for all the laughs and great times!!!! See you in July at the "Summer Lovin' Crop"

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